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1. Your message makes me smile when I wake up to it, even if it’s just a hello. 

2. All the love we have is because we are something, it would not be the same if we did not understand. 

3. Hope is something you should have but not rely on, be the best version of yourself even if you hope the worst. 

4. All our sorrows went in vain because we knew we could work everything out, it’s never the end. 

5. Forever is not a myth if you put that with the right person and mean it. 

6. You have sweet words that can bring someone up from the world they are drowning into, try them. 

7. Nothing will last until eternity if you do not go after it. 

8. All the emptiness we had was not for making us weak but to grow a strong self within. 

9. Happiness is the motive of what we do, if that does not make you happy now, it never will. 

10. We have been through a lot of despair that has made us strong now. 

11. Life is all about the passion that comes with what we have with us, our company matters. 

12. Sadness doesn’t come in the way of happiness if you really hope for it. 

13. All the understanding between us should be about being there for each other. 

14. It is necessary to stay positive especially when two lives are involved and it is really tough to survive. 

15. Your intuition is always right, especially when someone is not doing right for you. 

16. Talking to your friend is like meditation, great for your mind. 

17. We have great thoughts that matter to us a lot, use them in the life you are living. 

18. Empower your brain with the thoughts that can put you into a greater position while you are struggling to be in one. 

19. All the things you do are just away, how you do it is how creative you are with your thoughts. 

20. If your intentions are pure and clear, you need nobody to guide you through the dark. 

21. All the imagination power you use up into something that is already yours is a waste of time. 

22. Not everything is a good thing to do according to your will, sometimes thinking through works.


1. It is a new day to make memories, try to make them memorable. 

2. All the time we spend with each other is like it passes away in a second, make that second count. 

3. Those days when we played hide and seek were memorable, not because we had fun but we made happy memories. 

4. We cannot be mad at each other, a lot of sweetness causes diabetes. 

5. Schools were not for learning, they were a hotspot for best friends to meet. 

6. The lunch breaks were gossip periods for a lot of us, most of it does not even matter now. 

7. Our drawings were ugly back then, but we had the most vibrant imaginations. 

8. The rains felt like life when we were little, now they just make us wet. 

9. Falling down and getting hurt was better than getting our hearts broken, maybe we shouldn’t have grown older. 

10. Books were our secret meeting places and they stayed there because they were confidential. 

11. Calculating digits was easier than counting the people we have been with, at least mathematics didn’t break our heart. 

12. Better music makes the mood better but change is necessary to understand that the best is what you like. 

13. It is not about how people think about you, it is about how much belief you have in yourself. 

14. Do not keep yourself in a box that has no air vent in it, you will suffocate of your own breath. 

15. Do not make things about yourself all the time, maybe the person in front of you has a better opinion than you do. 

16. Some doors are meant to be shut, open them and the most foul thoughts fill your head. 

17. Pillows are not for comfort anymore, they are for hiding what you must really not be ashamed of. 

18. We had the greatest connection with the most unusual people in our life, and they last longer. 

19. Get those sheets away that say you are not worthy of what you get, you are worthy of good things even if they come with bad. 

20. There is no point in staying closeted, brings anxiety and depression rather than making you happy. 

21. Maybe you had nothing to do with what you felt when you did the wrong thing, you just thought it was right. 

22. Get out of the cocoon said the world but I was the queen of my own world, I could not leave it for any other bad decisions.


1. Sometimes things are not right or wrong when they happen, it is just the person you do that with that matters. 

2. The most important thing that I try to tell myself every day is you are like a blessing to me and I never want to hurt you. 

3. Sometimes it felt like l had everything until you came in my life and made me realize what I was missing on. 

4. While the things changed around me I was looking at them like it was all great but deep down I was missing you. 

5. You are so far away from here that it never feels like I’m connected to you, not then and not now. 

6. All that matters is you being there, no matter how much time, 5 minutes gives me strength to spend 5 days without you. 

7. It became hard for me when I realized that it was all you that made me how I was, I had no part of you left in me now. 

8. All that tension that was caused was because we had an understanding without making a decision and a conclusion. 

9. It is the only thing that matters and that is your presence, even if you do not say anything. 

10. The voids you filled in my life had a point that I was incomplete and you made me into a whole new person.

11. It feels like spring when I hear your voice, like it is the best in the world. 

12. I had to make it a big deal because it was you, I never thought of losing you. 

13. Being there was not an option when it came to you, it was a decision. 

14. It doesn’t matter how good we are with each other, it is just how we understand our silence. 

15. Our relationship is not a burden like the people said it was, it was the best thing ever happened to us.

16. You are so beautiful that words fall short and it is never enough to praise you.


1. When you are just getting along with your instincts, you are happy. 

2. All the work you do will give you nothing if you are not happy to do it.

3. The world suggests to me what makes me worth living in society but I chose to live for myself. 

4. Nothing is better than a good morning tea and the day when you get your salary. 

5. Money brings you one-time happiness but your thoughts make you happier. 

6. It does not matter how much you earn, in the end everything ends with whether you were happy while earning that money. 

7. Praise the soul that gets you to do what you always wanted, not what you could do. 

8. Besides being cool about earning well, be a little concerned about how happy you are right now. 

9. All that made me think so much was not even worth it, when all I did was regret my decisions. 

10. Better the choices that are made in a hurry and do well in the end than doing it in a lengthy way and not being satisfied. 

11. The doors did not shut their flaps, they were just made of glass so you could see the bad things and decide not to go through it. 

12. Trust what your mind says, it lies sometimes but it has its own ways of telling the truths. 

13. We make moments happy because we know how we feel about it, that’s the same with sadness too. 

14. We all are going through tough times, but some great ideas come when your mind is happy. 

15. Always consider what you have to lose and what you hate to lose, happiness is not an option.

16. All that mattered was I was happy with the person I was with and the things I was doing, nothing else felt relevant. 

17. Good books give us more happiness than a good movie does. 

18. All the relatable stuff about my life was revolving around your happiness and my part in it. 

19. We surely had a great impact on each other until we knew we were wasting time by following the same routine. 

20. Our lives have become like computers, they work like a human’s brain but they are still inhuman.

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1. The sun shines brighter and it has the perfect warmth when our day is going well. 

2. The color of the sky tells stories of cities that are facing different situations but in their own ways. 

3. The trees had the most leaves last month, maybe they were too happy to see the mild sun. 

4. Birds flew away from their nests when it was going to rain, maybe they knew they were going to get caught in trouble. 

5. New Life was growing after the rains cleared off. Maybe all bad things do not bring disruption. 

6. The sea is the most therapeutic place to go, it has the best sound quality and the lights too. 

7. The blue skies told a story, they said they were happy being blue without the artificial black ones.

8. All the water goes to the seas, the rivers made a pact. But they knew they were giving away their sorrows for being happy. 

9. The fishes were unhappy, not because they were swimming in an unclean environment but because their friends were dying because of it. 

10. It is not always helpful to speak out loud, like the sound before the rain. 

11. I built a wall between me and the city life, being alone was better than being with a bad company. 

12. The flowers sang songs when they were happy, that is how they got the happy colors. 

13. All the bad stuff that happened was a temporary thing, you have to move on and make it a great one.

14. It was a great deal of experience that told me about how wrong I was with my decisions, I could’ve been happy rather than compromising. 

15. It takes just one lap of a swim in the water to release out your stress, without involving money into it. 

16. The clouds had different shapes yet they did the same work of moving forward without chaos, humans should learn the same.

17. We should learn the simple phenomenon of plants. A proper amount of sunlight brings life into them and if the sunlight is harsh then they burn themselves. 

18. All great things start from a smaller size. Like A tree growing from a seed. 

19. Nature has its own ways of giving us gifts. The ways we treat nature, the worst or best the fruits are. 

20. I always loved the sound of waves, there was nothing more soothing than that sound.

21. The first rains are the calls of new beginnings, it gives definition to new life.

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