100+ Funny Good Morning Quotes To Be Happy

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Best Funny Good Morning Quotes

1. I hope the morning did not happen, that I could get to sleep for hours more.

2. Why is it breakfast? Because you have to eat the food fast or the break between lunch and the morning meal passes fast?

3. All I had to do was wake up and get to school. I think I need a human alarm to wake up. 

4. I had a dream this morning that I had a dream and I woke up between a dream because of a dream. I don’t know how? 

5. The motivation I get is from the early risers, I listen to their stories and I sleep again. 

6. If it wasn’t for me, nobody could have won the most deep sleeper competition. 

7. It is not healthy to win all the time, makes you proud and you start working on yourself, it can be dangerous to your health. 

8. Early risers are serious trouble when they are your friends, they are the friends who you can never bring home. 

9. I woke up in the middle of the night just because I had to switch off the alarm that was ringing, I had put a reminder to switch off other alarms because tomorrow was Sunday. 

10. Ever wondered why the birds wake up early and go to work, they know we are stupid and we will disturb them. 

11. Why does the cock cry so loudly? Does he really have to wake up or he does not sleep at all? After all he is a cock!

12. I didn’t know that if we wake up early we could actually change a lot of lives, probably by yelling at everyone because you are cranky. 

13. Why do we have to do all the chores in the Morning? Like they are gonna wake up and tell you to wash them.

14. I had this weird thought of going for a run in the morning and figured out I will have to wake up early for that and I probably cannot do that. 

15. How do people wake up all fresh and fine and early? I wake up with half-sleep and sleep again.


Funny Good Morning Quotes For Girlfriend

1. I thought I had seen you somewhere, then I got the answer that you look exactly like my maid which I do not see regularly because I wake up late. 

2. I had the best feeling after breaking up with you until you changed your laptop’s password. 

3. I knew I had seen you before, I realized that when I came to your house for the first time and your twin sister was there waiting for us. 

4. You are the love of my life he texted, to 5 girls in a row. 

5. All I had to do was just say that you don’t look like you used to, she slapped me and left. I was going to say you look prettier. 

6. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, he said about the 6th girl he met this week.

7. He was all about my beauty until I got to know he was color blind. 

8. The rain washed away all my makeup and when he looked at me, he ran away in the other direction.

9. All my work was over when I got to know I was typing things from an old article, which had already been published.

10. You were not the only one who was struggling, she got her hair tangled into a roller and cut the hair in a slanting way.

11. The things that mattered most to me were, food, sleep, and peace. And she had none of it. 

12. We had great conversations when we were in school, then you started getting serious.

13. You mattered to me as much as my umbrella did, just for a season. 

14. We had all that mattered to us on our site, then you decided to marry me?

15. The weirdest feeling I ever had was when you said that I looked like your brother, all my crush vanished then and there.

Funny Good Morning Quotes For Crush

1. I had no idea you were coming, or I would have showered. I know I smell bad. 

2. All the notes I took in the class were because I was looking at her, I probably wrote in English because I am not understanding a word out of it. 

3. You crossed paths with me but still did not notice me until I was laughing hard and tripped and fell in front of you. 

4. Your smile made me happy until I once noticed you had a tooth missing. I still liked your smile though. 

5. I followed you all around, went behind you through every door until I ended up in the girl’s bathroom and the girls kicked me out. 

6. The sunlight bumped on your face and gave light everywhere I saw, but it was afternoon, the sun was bumping off my body too and giving me a sunburn. 

7. I borrowed books from you and forgot them in the library where I saw you again, now you are angry and I have to pay for the books. 

8. I thought of saying hello to you but you were very far, I threw a paper ball which said meet me in the laboratory when I was there, the paper was in my teacher’s hand and I was dismissed.

9. You have no caring attitude, I got to know this when you did not offer me your fry. 

10. I was a topper in the class until I saw your face in the corridor, after then I lost my interest in studies and marks lost interest in me.

11. All I did was wear a pink shirt and then you decide I was gay?

12. It was raining, and I had an umbrella but she did not. I offered her mine and she took it and went away with her friend, and I went home all soaked in the rain.

13. You had the perfect hair and the perfect smile but yet I did not want to talk to you, is that because you were the only one attracted to me?

14. The touch of yours felt like a firecracker bursting in my heart but I woke up when I saw my sheet burning and it was real and during a chemistry experiment.

15. All you did was smile and I lost interest, because you did not smile at me but my best friend and he lost me that day.

16. Is it just how I speak or something else repels women? Or because nobody clearly likes me wearing a slipper that says studios?

17. It was my last day in this life because you smiled at me and I smiled back when I noticed a tree in front of me but it was too late and I bumped into it.

Funny Motivational Quotes

1. I was told to wake up early so that we become successful in life, I woke up early on the next day and failed in maths and then I never woke up early again.

2. The dictionary I read said that for children from 3 to 8. How am I supposed to learn the meaning and the word psychiatrist at that age?

3. Expectations bring us to a path where we expect to get everything healthy and end up eating yesterday’s stale pizza. 

4. I had no idea why we would iron our clothes until one day my crush looked at me and went away without saying hello, I probably looked homeless.

5. My shoes look at me and shout about going for a run, I just cover them with a soft cloth and let them sleep too. 

6. All my books were scattered around having a meeting and they came to a conclusion of selling themselves at the scrap center because I had never used them.

7. Drinking water before sleeping gives you a good night’s sleep people said but it only wakes you up early to flush out. 

8. The moment you realize you have a miserable life is the day you start doing laundry. 

9. I had a dream where I was sipping whiskey and all of a sudden I heard a thud and I woke up, the whiskey was a dream but the thud was my mom hitting me with a broom.

10. All routes close in your life and then you should decide to find lakes to swim across now. 

11. When you think all your doors are closed now, open the windows. They help you let yourself in and out too. 

12. The street light started blinking and the world started spinning but that was the moment I knew I was lucky because she came in to rescue me.

13. My life was a mess altogether, it had the best blends of misery, good taste of failure, and a great dose of punishments. 

14. I was never the talented one until one day the principal found out that all the taps were properly aligned to the wall by me, I did that because I jumped out of the class to run away. 

15. All doors opened for me when I was in charge of the school books, because I had incomplete work and I changed the cover with someone else’s book.

16. Not all the things we did when we were young were bad, like writing diaries. They still have the stupid jokes from our school.

17. I had more serious things to do until I remembered I had not slept for the last 4 hours, sleep is life. 

18. All the materialistic things mattered when I was young, now food matters, nothing else. 

19. There is no heavenly feeling than having someone backing you up with something that you did not even do and you will be the hero after all.

20. The towels we wore as capes were the evidence about how we knew superheroes in us existed. 

21. The fridge was the only thing I was in love with because it always had something I wanted to have. 

22. The burger is underrated, not because it tastes unusual but because it saves work rather than energy. 

23. The brand I had was of no use if I just was going to wear the same thing over and over again. 

24. The doorknobs were dusty, that’s how my mother knew we stayed home that day. 

25. The things I had in mind were on the paper and it was my exam paper and it was the reason I had to leave school. Probably writing a love letter to your teacher is an offense.

Funny Quotes For Brother 

1. It was the best moment when I told my younger brother that he was adopted and he cried for a long time. 

2. The best fights are when you finish your Maggi first and look at other’s like a hungry person so that they could share it with you. 

3. All we did was fight over the last sip of coconut water that was also wasted when we tossed the glass down so no one could get it. 

4. The books were exchanged so my siblings would get scolded because they got my books in their bag. 

5. All that Mattered was a sorry but instead you poured water on me again.

6. No matter what happened, we did not make amends, we fought every day even when we were punished. 

7. All the colors were mine until you grew up and we had to share.

8. We were no adults but just stupid people who fought for the last scoop of ice cream which eventually melt because we did not have it in time.

9. The era of no mobile phones was great, we all had to wait for our turn and also count how many people called for us to make each other jealous.

10. All the inside jokes were heard by our mother but she used to ask again when we shouted. 

11. The fridge too had secret places, the ones I used to hide my chocolates so others could not have them.

12. The combs were covered in sticky oil the night when we slept, the other day my sister put the comb in her hair and it smelled like ash. 

13. We had a great day until we had to clean up the place for tomorrow and I broke my finger and you had to do all the work. 

14. The best moment is when you are sleeping and I open the window curtains so that you do not get to sleep because I did not get it too. 

15. The chappals were canceling on me because I stayed at home more often, now they were my brother’s slaves.

I hope you enjoyed and laughed much with these funny good morning quotes. Always be happy and laugh as much as you can so that you stay away from negativity.

It also helps you stay balanced and stress free. Laughing more can release your bad emotions and stress. It also helps you stay away from depression.

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