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If you are someone who is currently looking for the best water purifier in India (RO). Then this article is a great place for you to read.

While talking about our everyday necessities, water plays a significant role in our daily lives. We can’t spend a day without using water. Drinking contaminated water is no more an option for us as it can cause many health problems.

A majority of people in India are still using tap water which means water directly from the tap. It can be harmful to our health as it contains many microbes, metal residue or contaminants.

Reasons Why You Need RO Water Purifier In India

Many households we can say are still deprived of purified water because they don’t understand the risk of drinking contaminated water. So here are some of the significant reasons we will point out that help you in figuring out how crucial is the use of water purifiers in our daily lives.

  • Water quality among various cities is below average. This makes the water full of unwanted particles & highly contaminated. RO water purifiers in India remove all the chemicals like iron, lead, mercury, or many more. 
  • All the impurities that tap water contains can change the taste or odor of the water. After purifying it tastes much better or free from chemicals.
  • Many disease causing contaminants can be removed by using water purifiers that ultimately save us from many chronic ailments.
  • RO technology combined with UV+UF technology makes your water the purest form to drink as it removes the minute particles.
  • It improves many health issues like digestive issues, skin problems, kidney function or many more.

How To Choose Best Water Purifier In India

Most people go for buying RO without knowing the essential features of water purifiers. They need to know what they should be looking for while searching for a water purifier. There are different specifications like the dealers, best brand, price, or many more. You have to analyze properly to get the best option for your home. Of course, it is a matter of your health or well being, we cannot randomly choose some ineffective appliance.

a) Check The Quality Of Water

Before choosing a water purifier for your home, find the source of water in your locality. Like it’s water from the ground, borewell, or municipality. Water supply in our homes comes from various sources. There are so many dissolved salts and inorganic solids like sulfates, chlorides, etc. to make your water unfit for drinking or cooking. 

You need to find out because water that has TDS levels less than 500 PPM can be used for drinking. But the water with more than 1000 PPM is hazardous for our health & needs to be purified. Water purifiers remove all the TDS or inorganic solids to give safe drinking water without any essential nutrients or minerals.

b) Storing Capacity

Water storage capacity is one of the most important factors while choosing a water purifier. Nowadays, brands offer water purifiers with different storage capacities. You need to find your family’s daily water consumption to get an uninterrupted supply of purified water.  During electricity failures, the water purifiers with maximum storage will work best.

Families with more than 6 members, we recommend storage of 10 liters or for smaller families you will require the storage capacity of approximately 8 liters. If you overlook this factor, you have to purify the water again and again for your use.

c) Purification Technology

There are different kinds of water purifiers when we generally look for purification technology. Different purification technology is developed on the basis of various sizes of particles found in the water. The most popular technology we came across is RO, known as reverse osmosis made to purify heavy particles, metals, or minerals with a size of more than 500 PPM. 

The second technology is Pureit RO + UV for the filtration of particles of size between 200-500 PPM along with a proper infusion of more minerals such as calcium or magnesium. Now all the smallest particles even less than 200 PPM can be filtered through UV filtration technology without removing any minerals.

d) Service By Brand

Now the most important factor before buying a water purifier is the customer services a brand used to offer their customers. If we use the water purifier, it’s going to need maintenance service at regular intervals for smooth working. The brand that offers quick service or low maintenance charges is a value for money option. 

Some water purifiers require annual maintenance charges but some of them save you more money on an annual basis along with hassle-free service quality or network area coverage. Their maintenance depends upon the consumption of the water.

e) Safety Features

There have to be some additional features that you should ask your retailer while buying a water purifier. In the absence of such features, you end up using impure water for drinking. So the extra specialties like some of the water purifiers alarm you 30 or 15 days before replacing the cleaning membranes when they going to expire. 

A special locking system or auto-shutdown mode gets activated in some purifiers if you neglect the warning shown by the machine. They guarantee you pure water every day.

We are going to mention some of the top picks by our editor’s choice that might help you to come out of the confusion. 

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Here is the list of Top 11 Best Water Purifiers In India

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure From Aquaguard Amaze RO + UV + MTDS 7L RO Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is a trusted brand with more than 15 million users all around the world. For drinking safe water you can count on Aquasure by Eureka Forbes. Best Water Purifier In India with the advanced technology of MTDS, RO + UV filtration. You can buy this purifier with a huge water capacity of 7 liters at the price of ₹9,499.00 online.

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  • It is optimal for purifying water that has TDS levels of 200-2000 PPM.
  • Regulates the taste of water more than 60%.
  • Smart LED indicator.
  • Auto-Shut Off Mechanism
  • Long-lasting Cartridge (6000 L) ensures safe & purified water for a long duration.
  • It can be installed in your homes easily.
  • Sleek & compact design with the energy-saving mode is a major advantage.


A power adapter is given outside the purifier.

2. V-Guard Zenora 7 Litre Water Purifier 

V Guard is one of the best water purifiers in India that offers you seven stage water purifying technology & a pH balancer. One of the amazing facts is that you will be buying an Indian water purifier brand specifically designed according to the Indian water conditions. You can buy this product online at the price of ₹8,912.00.

V-Guard Zenora 7 Litre Water Purifier


  • It has long lasting filters to clean water.
  • Eliminates all the harmful contaminants like TDS or heavy metals from the water.
  • Water will be post & pre RO treated to maintain the taste.
  • It can be easily wall-mounted or kept on a table top.
  • Smart LED indicators work when purification is on or low pressure.
  • 7 liters of storage capacity with free installation.


  • Maintenance can be little tricky after years.

3. Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier

Kent Ultra Storage offers you the best water purifiers that purify your drinking water bypassing the water through multiple purification stages. Hollow fiber membrane ensures you the clean & purified water in your home. Kent water purifiers can easily purify the tap water that comes from the municipality. The price range for this water purifier is ₹7,439.00.

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  • The storage capacity of 7 liters is made available to you.
  • The purification process with UV+UF technology.
  •  11W UV lamp inactivates all the microorganisms present in water.
  • An alarm indication in case of any replacements like filters or UV lamps.
  • More than 1500 service centers are located across India.
  • ABS food quality food grade plastic is used in water purifiers.


  • Light indicators are much more helpful as compared to alarm indicators.

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Aqua Libra serves you a quality product under the price range of  ₹5,699.00  with effective copper technology. It works on reverse osmosis technology that removes 80 to 90 percent of contaminants like microbes, hard metals, or many more.  Aqua Libra offers you excellent customer support with 3 months of warranty on the whole product.

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  • Ultraviolet water purification disinfects all the germs or bacteria present in the water.
  • Charcoal carbon filters effectively remove chlorine, particles such as sediment.
  • High Quality 100 GPD Booster Pump.
  • ABS Food Grade plastic cabinet.
  • Active copper filter that kills all germs & helps you with digestion or inflammation issues.


  • Use lots of water in purifying water.

5. Livpure Glo RO Electric Water Purifier

Livpure Glo offers you the best water purifier in India & works with RO + UV + Mineraliser purification technology. You will get 6 stages of purification to remove all the dissolved salts or metal from water. Every layer contains different filters so that you drink healthy water at all times. 

Livpure Glo RO Electric Water Purifier

Livpure is a well-trusted Indian brand that you can buy online at the price of ₹8,699.00.


  • The storage capacity for water is 7 liters.
  • 1 year on product Technology
  • The water tank is made of food-grade plastic.
  • 6 stages of purifying water ensure tasty & salt-free water.
  • It tries to maintain pH value & add up all the essential minerals into the water.


  • It’s not feasible for the water containing TDS to be greater than 2000.

6. Kinsco Genuine Aqua Laser Water Purifier

Kinsco Genuine Aqua Laser Water Purifier that offers RO+UV+UF+ TDS all purification techniques in one device. It removes all the dissolved chemicals or impurities from the water by retaining all the minerals in the purified water. It can kill all the bacteria, viruses, salts & chemicals to make water safe for drinking. You can buy the best water purifier in India at the price of ₹4,799.00.

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  • The brand provides you with a huge water storing capacity of 15 liters.
  • The glossy or glass finish makes this water purifier look more elegant.
  • 5 Micron sediment collecting with 6 stages of purification.
  • It removes all the chemicals arsenic, chlorine lead, or many more.
  • You get a better taste or smell in the water. 
  • TDS purification adjusting levels.


  • The only con of the water purifier is that its body material is not sturdy at all.

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7. Aquaguard Aura RO + UV + UF + MTDS Water Purifier

Aquaguard water purifier is one the best purifiers in India with an online price of ₹17,499.00. It saves up to 60 percent of the water during purification as compared to other ordinary RO purifiers. Aquaguard water purifiers maintain taste quality by using an extraordinary RO+UV+MTDS water purifying technology. You will be surprised to know that it has copper patented technology.

best ro water purifier in india 2021, best water purifier in india 2021, top 10 water purifier in india 2021


  • It infuses the right amount of copper in water.
  • You can store only 7 liters of water.
  • Water will be purified through 8 stages of water.
  • The sleek & stylish design of water purifiers complements modern homes.
  • It can be easily wall mounted & kept at the table top.
  • LED indicators are present.


  • Storage capacity can be more.
  • Little pricey.

8. Mi Smart Water Purifier 

Mi launches the smartest, safe & convenient water purifiers in the whole Indian market with Penta purification technology or smart app connectivity. This smart technology purifier is available online at the price range of ₹10,490.00. Five purification stage technology includes reverse osmosis with in-tank UV sterilization to kill all the harmful chemicals or organisms. It improves the quality of water with an efficiency of 99.9 percent.

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  • The filter used for purification lasts for more than 12 months.
  • Change the filter yourself in less time ever ( 30 seconds).
  • You can connect the purifier to the smart MI app.
  • Monitor the TDS levels with the home app technology.


  • Customer service can be hard to find.

9. HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Advanced offers everyone 100 percent water enriched with all the minerals like calcium or magnesium. Many ordinary RO purifiers allow various harmful minerals in water but Pureit only keeps the safest minerals with a 6 stage purification process. This advanced purifying technology is available online at the price of ₹10,199.00. It will remove all the minute & harmful elements.

best ro water purifier in india 2021, best water purifier in india 2021, top 10 water purifier in india 2021


  • It can be easily wall mounted 
  • The body is made of food-grade plastic of high quality.
  • Energy-saving mode with non-stabilizer working.
  • Guarantee of safe water
  • The storage capacity is 7 liters that you can use.
  • The warranty period of 1 year by the brand.


  • Only con is that water storing capacity is low according to the price range.

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10. AO Smith Z8 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith Z8 Green RO Water Purifier is the water purifier that is currently on hype because of the Mineraliser Technology, Advance Recovery Technology & 8 stage purification process. It is available on different online platforms at the price of ₹23,799.00. It is one of the best water purifiers in India that makes you fall in love with its features.

best ro water purifier in india 2021, best water purifier in india 2021, top 10 water purifier in india 2021


  • Environment friendly & save up to twice the water as compared to ordinary water purifiers.
  • The glow effect at night assists you in the nighttime.
  • Alerts the system when any of the filters need to be changed.
  • Add more minerals to your drinking water
  • Water capacity of 10 liters that you will be provided.
  • 1 year of the warranty period.


  • Quite expensive.

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We know that finding the best water purifier in India among so many options or brands can sometimes take a while. Our buying guide will help you to tackle the situation by providing a complete review of the latest options offered by the best brands. You can choose according to your requirements by reading our list. Do let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite brand.

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