For most people, it is common to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, but why ? Do all brides and grooms have to do this?

Tips on how to wear a wedding ring
The tradition of wearing a wedding ring in left hand dates back to ancient times. In that era, Romans believed that veins of left ring finger (four fingers) were connected to the heart of a person. For this belief, they call it the context of love. Of course, in order to protect love of each other, they will wear ring on finger that hides the love vein, in order to show that the newlyweds share the romance of the two hearts together.

Although influenced by traditional culture, today’s Greek couples often wear wedding rings to the left, but in history they wear on right hands. However, in India, left hand means unclean and unfortunate, so they would wear a wedding ring on their right hand. But nowadays, it is no longer a constraint on which hand to wear a wedding ring.

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Tips on how to wear an engagement ring
Since most people have accepted the wearing tradition, most brides will still wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. Interestingly, many Europeans still wear an engagement ring on their left hand, but wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of right hand.

In Colombia and Brazil, many prospective brides often wear engagement rings on their right hand and change engagement ring to the left after official completion of wedding oath. In Germany and the Netherlands, wedding rings are worn in the opposite way, first wearing an engagement ring on left hand and then on right. Nowadays, especially in same-sex marriage, many men have begun to wear engagement rings. Some same-sex couples are accustomed to wearing engagement and wedding rings on right-hand ring finger. And some choose to wear on different fingers, even differently from their other half.

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The order of wearing
If we decide to wear all rings on the same finger, the order of the multiple wedding rings is particular. In general, wedding rings are worn closest to heart, which means they can be worn on the bottom of knuckles and kept as close as possible to engagement ring. A super practical strategy is that if it is on the wedding day, it is best to wear the engagement ring on the other hand. So that wedding ring can be worn smoothly after the exchange of wedding ring, then An engagement ring is worn over it.

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